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Claudia Rossi

Hands on Hardcore presents: Hey there guys, Its me Claudia, you remember Claudia Rossi. Did you miss me? I know its been a while, Im sorry, but Im back now and better than ever. About a week ago I got my ass involved in this poker game with some guys at one of the frat houses here on campus. I whipped their asses good the first few hands, so they talked me into raising the stakes. We started playing for pieces of clothing but after the guys lost all their clothes, and I still had two pieces left, I was feeling pretty good. We decided to play a bonus round, it was all or nothing, or I should say, all of them or none of them! Well needless to say I lost my ass, it was time to pay up, so all of them it was. We were all on the bed I was laying on top of Rudy with my horny puss right in his face, I wrapped my lips tightly around Thomasâ??s cock and started sucking him off, Rudy started licking my twat from top to bottom, giving it a well deserved tonguing, I continued bobbing my head up and down on Thomasâ??s cock, making it nice and slick before pulling it out and trading it for another. I slid Cageâ??s growing cock in my mouth and began sucking him from top to bottom, I pulling it out spit on it and slipping it back in, taking it back as far as I could. Rudy started fingering my pussy while he teased my clit with his tongue, making my cunt all nice and juicy. I swapped Cages slick cock for Charlies growing unit and started sucking off, spitting, slurping and slobbering. Cage started rubbing and slapping my ass while Rudy continued munching away on my Cherry Pie. I spun around popping Rudys cock in my mouth and began slurping and slobbering it up. Charlie took off my bra, Rudy and Thomas started rubbing and squeezing my tits as I lowered the boom on Rudy, nearly swallowing his entire cock. I grabbed Cages cock and started sucking his two, sucking both cocks like it was two for one Tuesday. Charlie came over trying to put his cock in the mix, but clearly there wasnt enough room for three, so I sucked his cock while jerking off the other two. Back and forth I went sucking and jerking, first one then two. Thomas slid his cock in my cunt from behind and started fucking me hard and strong, I kept slurping and slobbering all over the other guys cocks. Thomas pulled out and Charlie slid in, he started fucking my horny wet puss with every thing he had. Cage laid down and I got on top with my sexy ass facing him. He stuffed his thick cock back in my wet cunt and I started sucking Thomas and Charlies throbbing cocks, from top to bottom. Cage slipped his big cock in my tight ass and I started rubbing my pussy hard and fast. He slid his cock back in my twat and Rudy shoved his cock in my hungry ass. They rammed their long cocks deep in my holes, fucking my puss and ass hard and strong. Charlie laid down, I quickly got on top facing him and he shoved his cock deep in my juicy cunt, Thomas slid his big cock up in my tight little ass. I kept my lips wrapped around one of their cocks at all time, if stopped sucking one Id start slurping and slobbering on another. I spun around, leaned back and Charlie slid his cock in my ass, Rudy wasted no time stuffing his thick cock in my puss. Charlie started slapping my tits while he fucked my ass and Rudy was sliding his cock deeper into my wet pussy. I felt one cock pull out and another slid in, I looked up and Thomas was fucking my pussy. Still slurping and slobbering up and down any cock around, I started licking balls while the other two fucked my tight ass and sloppy cunt. I spun back around and Charlie slid his throbbing cock in my juicy twat, Thomas stuffed his cock back in my ass. I slid Cages hard cock in my mouth for a fresh slobbery coat then Thomas pulled out, Cage spit on my ass and shoved his slick cock right in. I was sucking and jerking cocks like it was going out of style, Charlie started pounding my pussy, fucking hard, fast, and strong. I laid down on my side, Thomas slid his cock in my wet cunt and started fucking me from behind. I wrapped my lips back around Cages cock and started sucking him off, Thomas pulled out of my puss and Rudy started fucking my ass. After getting Cages cock all nice and slick, I slipped his out and started to slobber all over Thomass. Charlie laid behind me stuffing his thick cock in my wet juicy twat, he started sliding it in and out deeper with every stroke. I stuffed Cages cock in my mouth, I was sucking his cock and Thomas too. Charlie started stabbing at my pussy, pulling his cock out then shoving it back in as I continued slurping and jerking on Thomas and Cages slick throbbing cocks. Thomas laid down and I got on top facing him, he started fucking my pussy hard and fast. I started bobbing my head up and down on Charlies long hard cock before bend down and sucking in Cages. I got on top of Cage facing him, he started long stroken my cunt, sliding his thick cock in and out of my wet pink hole, again and again. I wrapped my lips back around Rudys cock and I started sucking him off as nasty as I could then I slipped Charlies cock back in my mouth, doing the same for him. I got on top of Rudy with my round ass facing him, he shoved his slick cock in my wet cunt and started fucking me really hard. I stuffed Charlie and Thomass cocks in my mouth, I sucked them both, Rudy slid his cock out of my puss and stuffed it up in my ass. Cage spread my pussy wide open, started slapping it and rubbing my clit hard and fast. I got on top of Charlie and he shoved his cock right in my ass he started pounding away, much harder than all the others. Cage spit on my cunt from high above as Charlie continued digging his cock in my ass hard and strong. I got on all fours and Cage stuffed his cock in my ass from the rear, I slid Charlies cock in my mouth and started sucking him off as hard as I could. Cage slowly pulled his thick cock out of my ass leaving it gaped wide open for all to see. I got on top of Thomas, he started fucking my cunt, Cage went right back to fucking my ass. I started sucking Charlies cock making it nice and slick before getting on top and sliding it in my pussy. I leaned over and began licking Rudys balls, Cage started fucking my ass while Charlie was still deep in my pussy, these guys were fucking me better than Ive ever been fucked. Cage pulled his thick cock out of my ass and shoved his right in, driving his cock up in my ass with every thing hes got. I was busy slobbering all over Thomass hard throbbing cock getting him all slicked up and ready to pop. There I was with four throbbing cocks in my face, the first guy shot his load in my mouth, some dripped down to my tits, the second guy started cumming in my mouth then sprayed the rest on my pretty face. When the next guy popped off, I felt his cum hit my head, I slid his cumming cock in my mouth as he dumped the rest. I sucked the last cock into my mouth getting all he had to give. Then I sucked each of their throbbing cocks one by one as I fingered and played with their cum. show more

Date: November 26th, 2007; Site: Hands on Hardcore; Network: DDF Netwok; Pictures in set: 140; Dimension: 1329x2001

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